Praise for Jesus Banging Christ

“I had no idea what to expect but I certainly wasn’t expecting to be squeezing my thighs together in pleasure… Christ’s submission to Domme Sasha is one of the most knicker wettingly sexy erotica scenes I’ve read to date… the Judas twist was so beautifully crafted I genuinely winced whilst reading it. Magdalene has written a clever, kinky arousing story interspersed with genuinely moving moments. One of the best things about Jesus Christ: Porn Star is that although the sex is a massive part of the story it’s not the whole story, there is purpose behind it. If you love erotic fiction, I urge you to read this brilliant anthology.”
Cara Sutra, December 8, 2016

“The devices to bring JC into the modern world are well thought out and the sex scenes are simply the most arousing I’ve read in a long time. Handcuffs and crucifix make amazing bedfellows! This is a book I can strongly recommend – I rated Jesus Christ: Porn Star a straight 10/10. This book has rejuvenated my need for good erotic fiction in my evenings.”
Candy Snatch Reviews, December 8, 2016