Author Interview on My Adult Place

Here’s a little excerpt from the interview I did on

What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books?
I love to connect with the blasphemous multitudes on Twitter.

What are you reading now?
The Emoji Bible – I’m compiling a comprehensive list of every innuendo for my Twitter account, and with all those ‘begats’ I fear it may be on my Goodreads shelf for quite a while.

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First Review! Cara Sutra gives “Jesus Christ: Porn Star” a glowing review

Mary starts her story on a porn set, not unusual given the title of the story. Angelique is awaiting the arrival of her co-star, one Jesus Christ. She assumes this is a stage name of some kind. So, you can imagine her shock when, no it actually turns out to be the second coming of Christ.

In a pretty little innocent bedroom backdrop Angelique is given the fuck of her life as the Son of God proceeds to lose his virginity to her in one of the most sensually kinky scenes I’ve read. I absolutely love how Mary manages to get across the tenderness Jesus puts into his first performance on camera, whilst remaining kinky as hell. Complete with Angelique handcuffed to a crucifix for the finale.

I had no real preconceptions about Jesus Christ: Porn Star because I had no idea what to expect but I certainly wasn’t expecting to be squeezing my thighs together in pleasure whilst wishing I could take Angelique’s place on the cross. Damn, this version of Christ is hot!

Thank you to Candy Snatch for the ringing endorsement – read her full review on

The Bible: “That’s What He Said” Edition

Although I don’t have any immediate plans to write more in the Jesus Banging Christ series, I have been entertaining myself lately with the wonderful world of Blasphemous Twitter (you should follow me – it’s deliciously sinful). I’ve endeavored to find and tweet every single innuendo in the Bible, and I’m collecting them in a Storify.

Follow along live on my Twitter feed, or in the Storify which is compiled about once a week.

Giving Away 10 Print Copies in December

Black Friday has come and gone, the lucky winners have been notified, and there are still 23 shopping days before the biggest consumerist, err, Christian holiday of the year.

Order now to give the gift of eternal damnation to your heathen loved ones – the Jesus Banging Christ three-book set is available in paperback for only $12.99.

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